Here's something I wrote about filing my first Freedom of Information Act request

My power went out yesterday so I couldn’t open my blinds, have art on my walls, make coffee, or get into my garage. There’s nothing like a dystopian future that you’ve brought upon yourself.

I think I learned a lesson about accessibility today as I was yelling at Siri to tell me how to get tree sap off my hands. (The answer is hand sanitizer)

So, I don’t agree with it, but I get why these Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube logos exist, but does Velcro really want me to add it to its professional network on LinkedIn?

Amazon talks a big game about frustration free packaging but I never have any idea how to open these envelopes without a knife

It's a little weird going from having 1000+ followers on Twitter to having *checks* 9. More like Mastodont, amirite?

Conceptually, the Cell Phone Waiting Lot at SFO is going to be hard to explain to future generations. mastodon

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