Here's something I wrote about filing my first Freedom of Information Act request

@mathowie But a tootstorm means they'll never read it :)

@d Oh cool, people are already posting their setups there!

My power went out yesterday so I couldn’t open my blinds, have art on my walls, make coffee, or get into my garage. There’s nothing like a dystopian future that you’ve brought upon yourself.

I think I learned a lesson about accessibility today as I was yelling at Siri to tell me how to get tree sap off my hands. (The answer is hand sanitizer)

So, I don’t agree with it, but I get why these Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube logos exist, but does Velcro really want me to add it to its professional network on LinkedIn?

@pcperini thanks! What’s your preferred method for feedback?

@pcperini hi, can I try a beta of your iOS mastodon client? Thanks!

@kevbob @standardpixel I think I’ve figured it out, there are four ways you could potentially rip it (front left, front right, back left, back right). One of these ways is slightly weaker than the rest, but that way is not necessarily the same from package to package.

Amazon talks a big game about frustration free packaging but I never have any idea how to open these envelopes without a knife

It's a little weird going from having 1000+ followers on Twitter to having *checks* 9. More like Mastodont, amirite?

@standardpixel The Happy Socks ads are starting to approach American Apparel levels.

@standardpixel Although with Zoom you can set the green screen feature to any color so basically whenever I’m wearing a solid color shirt.

@standardpixel I like to turn on the green screen feature when I’m wearing a green shirt.

Conceptually, the Cell Phone Waiting Lot at SFO is going to be hard to explain to future generations. mastodon

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